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Budget clocks from Shire Clocks

Budget Clock

For Exterior or Interior Use

2 year warranty on all products
Budget clocks for interior or exterior use

Our budget clocks are intended for sites where the expense of our normal high detailed and contoured clock faces are not justified. They are available as traditional flat skeleton designs in diameters of 18" and 24". The dial design is screen painted onto a 6mm thick, white acrylic backing disc, fitted with a new mechanism and hands and guaranteed for five years.


  • 18" or 24" dial
  • Hands adjustable from the dial front
  • Hands adjustable from behind the clock
  • Own make self-start mains mechanism
  • Accurate timekeeping controlled by mains frequency
  • Recess required for movement
  • Non-ferrous construction
  • Maintenance free
  • All parts made by Shire Clocks

These are brand new clocks offered with a two year warranty and come complete with all necessary fixings.

Golf Clubs
Cricket Clubs
Pavillions Etc..

18" clock £299.00 plus £25.00 carriage
24" clock £345.00 plus £25.00 carriage

Coloured brochure available
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