Skeleton style clock


Our Skeleton style dials are produced in laser cut acrylic and made up of a 5mm Opal backing with a 3mm Black front as standard. The numerals, minute markers and rings are cut out of the black so that the Opal shows through. The dials are perfect for illuminating from the rear.


Dials can be produced in non standard colours and customised with sign written names, initials, dates and corporate logos.



All of our clocks have been designed with end user installation in mind.

Acrylic Dial


Laser cut acrylic ideally suited to being back illuminated with LED lighting.



Hands are ribbed, counter balanced and finished with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf.



230v mains powered mechanism with manual time adjusting knob on the rear.

Time Controller


Automatic adjustment of the hands for power failure corrections and BST / GMT time changes.

Large Wall Clock
Large Exterior Clock
Large Outdoor Clock
Exterior Clock
External Clock
Skeleton style Outdoor Clock
Large Exterior Clock
Large Exterior Clock