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Exterior Clock Manufacturers


Welcome to Shire Clocks, where precision engineering meets the artistry of time. At the forefront of Exterior Clock Manufacturing, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to crafting an exquisite range of high-quality exterior clock features. Meticulously designed for residences, educational institutions, golf courses, and public spaces, our products redefine the boundaries of both functionality and aesthetic allure.

Whether elegantly mounted on a wall surface or nestled within our selection of clock bezels, clock drums, and pillar clocks, our creations seamlessly blend form and function. As you step into the realm of Shire Clocks, envision a journey marked by innovation and sophistication.

Dive into the pinnacle of technical artistry with our flagship models, the Devon exterior clock and Hampshire outdoor clock. Each timepiece is a testament to our dedication, undergoing a meticulous hand-finishing process and adorned with the opulence of 23 1/2 carat gold leaf. At Shire Clocks, we transcend mere clock manufacturing, we engineer precision and elegance tailored for exteriors that demand nothing less than excellence. Join us in shaping time with distinction and style.

Roman Numerals


Traditional style roman numerals are still the customers preference.

Blue Arabic External Clock for buildings
Red Roman style large Exterior Clock
Arabic Numerals


Simple clear numbers the style of choice for primary schools


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Shire Clock Company Manufacturer of Exterior Clocks for Buildings
Skeleton style


Perfectly suited to rear illumination when used in a bezel, drum, pillar or clock tower

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Large Outdoor Clock For Schools


Durable 230v mains powered mechanisms with option for 12v when used outside of the UK

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Mains Clock Mechanism for Tower Clocks
Time Controllers


Automatic power failure corrections and BST / GMT time changes

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