Exterior Clock Manufacturers


Here at Shire Clocks we produce a range of high quality exterior clock features. Many of our products can be mounted directly on to the surface of a wall, however we do offer a wide range of bezels, drums and pillars to house your clock in.

Our most popular clock styles the Devon and Hampshire are all hand finished with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf.

If you would like to visit our factory and offices in Botley near Southampton, Hampshire, please call 01335 372092 or email enquiries@shireclocks.co.uk to make an appointment.

Roman Numerals


Traditional style roman numerals are still the customers preference.

Arabic Numerals


Simple clear numbers the style of choice for primary schools


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Skeleton style


Perfectly suited to rear illumination when used in a bezel, drum, pillar or clock tower

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Durable 230v mains powered mechanisms with option for 12v when used outside of the UK

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Time Controllers


Automatic power failure corrections and BST / GMT time changes

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