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Clock Components


Not only do we sell complete clocks for outdoor and exterior use but we also sell our clock components individually to both end users and the trade.

Clock dials and hands can be supplied in a natural state without finishing or complete with powder coating and 23 1/2 carat gold leafing. Our V20, V30 and V40 Clock Mechanisms which have been designed for use on large exterior and outdoor clocks, are supplied complete with fixing nuts and hand bosses for attaching your hands to the mechanism and as standard each mechanism comes with a pre-fitted mains power lead with a standard 3 pin plug.

Our Resynchroniser clock controller can control up to four of our outdoor clock mechanisms at a time, assuming you can run a lead from the controller to them. Because the controller is controlling the 230v mains power to the mechanisms, it is capable of controlling other manufacturers 230v mains synchronous powered mechanisms too.




Large range of standard grp and acrylic dials with the ability to modify them or make complete bespoke solutions.

Large outdoor clock dials for buildings


Our standard hand design can be seen all over the country however if this is not to your liking can be produce bespoke designs to order.

Clock hands for large exterior clocks


Produced in 3 variants our V20, V30 and V40 mechanisms are durable, long lasting and offer great value for your money.

Heavy duty mains powered tower clock mechanism
Time Controllers


For peace of mind why not let one of our automated controllers take the hassle out of keeping your clock at the correct time.

Controller for mains powered synchronous clocks
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