Custom clock designs


We have the expertise to design and manufacture clocks to any size and in virtually any material. We can work from ideas and sketches to produce eye catching designs and realistic artist impressions. Concept designs can be produced in 2D and 3D CAD as well as scaled 3D printed prototypes.



All of our clocks have been designed with end user installation in mind.

Floral Clocks


Simple or intricate dials can be produced using flowers, plants, gravel and paving.



Decorative features to create a truly stunning centre piece to any school or community space.



LED illumination can be incorporated in to many of our clock designs and features.



We can work in most materials including marble, brass, glass and stainless steel.

Floral Clock
Project Clock
Church Clock
Exterior Wall Clock
Large Exterior Clock
Bespoke Clock
Large Bespoke Clock
Large Outdoor Clock
Big Exterior Clock
Customised Clock
PD_0005 (12)
Custom Mains Powered Clock
Exterior Wall Clock
Bezel Clock
Exterior Wall Clock
Large Wall Clock
Feature Clock Sculpture
Bespoke Clock
Customised Feature Clock
Bespoke Bezel Clock
Bespoke Clock Components
Bespoke Clock Feature
Customised Feature Clock
Large Exterior Wall Clock
Large Wall Clock